What is Spiritual Guidance? 

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Spiritual guidance is a space to honor one’s life as a spiritual journey.

Spiritual Guidance is a welcoming space of acceptance where one can freely express and explore one’s spirituality and spiritual beliefs with a spiritual guide as companion, witness, and mirror. It is a space to both recognize and connect with one’s sacred essence and inner wisdom, and notice the presence of the divine along one’s life journey.

Spiritual guidance is offered with an interfaith perspective, drawing from a variety of spiritual traditions, honoring each person’s faith tradition, religion, spiritual beliefs and journey.

Spiritual guidance is provided for people interested in honoring their spiritual journey.  Whether one is seeking:

  •  Self- awareness 
  • A deeper understanding and experience of one’s spirituality
  • Greater awareness of the sacred within and around to feel a connection with  something greater than one’s self
  • Mindfulness of the spiritual aspect of one’s being to live in balance with mind, body, and spirit
  • Growth in one’s current faith tradition
  • Returning to a religion one may have abandoned
  • Healing from experiences of organized religions which may no longer serve them
  • Exploring new spiritual practices or communities
  • Developing daily spiritual practices that align with and nurture one’s spirituality
  • Integrating spirituality as part of individual or group therapy, recovery, and treatment plans in mental and physical health care to promote hope, wellness, and healing
  • Self-care and wholeness through living one’s truth in harmony with one’s spirituality
  • Engaging creatively in one's spiritual journey*

Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, a spiritual guide meets you with an open heart and mind, as an empathic listener, witness and companion along your journey.

(There are no prerequisites to begin spiritual guidance.)

Spiritual guidance is offered as private one-on-one sessions or in group settings.  

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* Engaging creatively in one’s spiritual journey includes using color and creative expression as an integral part of  spiritual guidance, contributing to a more embodied experience of  exploring, expressing, and experiencing one’s spirituality.