Color and Spiritual Guidance

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"Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and do that. Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive." (Howard Thurman)"

What does it mean to come alive? Coming alive is freely exploring and expressing one’s inner essence, embracing one’s authentic self, living one’s truth in union with one’s personal experience of the Sacred. Living from one’s Sacred center, one feels complete, valuable, whole, creative, and most alive.

Rosanna's personal and shared experiences of coming alive include the use of color as an entryway into a lived experience of the Sacred.

Might color become a companion along your spiritual journey?

We invite you to experience your own felt sense of the Sacred with color as an opening into your spiritual journey.

The Use of Color in Spiritual Guidance

 Rosanna creates the space to engage creatively in your spiritual journey, inviting the use of color into your spiritual guidance sessions.  The color acts as torch and cairn in discovering, exploring, understanding, and connecting with your spirituality. 

One’s spirituality seems to “come alive” through the use of color and creative expression.

The use of color in spiritual guidance can play an integral role in inviting and nurturing an experience of one’s spirituality.  Color becomes an opening, a portal into exploring inner essence and experiencing the sacred.  Color informs and enriches one’s journey, evoking an encounter or intimate connection with one’s self and the sacred.

Discover, connect with, and reflect the Sacred within and around you. Experience this unique and creative process of Spiritual Guidance & Color today. 

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